The Factors That Affect The Precision Of CNC Milling

A chief concern for the many Perth businesses involved in CNC milling in Perth is precision. Understanding what is meant by precision, and how to achieve and measure it, are key skills in ensuring your work meets your customers’ specification.

Precision , as applied to CNC milling, needs to be understood in the context of two other factors; repeatability and accuracy.

cnc milling machine

Machine Precision – the software driving the machine assumes the exact physical properties of all the operative components. Wear in the machine will make these assumptions increasing less valid, leading to imprecision.

Repeatability – the exactness with which reiterations of the same process produce identical parts. This can be affected by machine wear or maladjustment, temperature changes and lost steps. Steps can be lost when, for instance a tool is set to cut too fast, resulting in its displacement.

Accuracy – a machine may have good repeatability, but the parts it so exactly repeats may have different dimensions to those of the design. In this case, it is said to be inaccurate. Factors which affect accuracy include the quality of design and manufacture of the mill, errors or omissions in setup and calibration, and simple misuse of the programming software.

Operational Skills

Adequate training, appropriate to the scope of work contemplated, is essential for the successful operation of CNC machinery. Operators should have a clearly visible history of training, allowing managers to easily determine the tasks for which they have adequate skills.


cnc milling machine installation

Correct installation of CNC machinery is vital, if precision objectives are to be attained. A reinforced concrete base is usually essential, and the machine should be professionally installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and using precision levelling and alignment techniques.

The right approach to maintenance

Regular maintenance is a key factor in successful CNC engineering. Waiting until things go wrong will guarantee disappointment – preventive attention is vital.

These are just some of the factors that influence the precision of CNC milling. If you attend keenly to them your CNC suite will deliver profits and happy customers.

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